Spectacular Electrical

After the last blog when we told you about broaching with the genneker up and nearly putting the mast into the water on port and almost immediately after on starboard – we innocently thought that it would get better. Whilst we have not had any more spectacular broaches we have had the painful experience of being surrounded at night by spectacular electrical storms. On 10 Dec we had a huge deluge of rain which was so strong that it flattened the sea around us. Visibility down to 100 metres. The rain hurt – you could not look into the wind. Pim and Brian’s clothing is a pair of swimming trunks and foul weather jacket. The other thing which is unkind is that the Weather Gods take pleasure in inflicting the squall and rain on us just as the evening meal is being prepared. 2 nights ago Hanneke finally gave up and opened 2 tins of ravioli. However, last night we feasted on sirloin steak – albeit in 2 sittings whilst Pim/Brian was in the cockpit getting wet! Between rain squalls Nelly Rose looks like a washing line with drying clothing pinned to the guard rails.
Pim is now making bread very successfully in the breadmaker. Smells and tastes good.
Hanneke has done a great job keeping below deck as dry as possible and clean. With all the wet brought down into the kajuit/saloon by the men it gets slippery and we have to be careful to hold on. Cups, plates and pans have every intent on escaping the cupboards or refusing to be put back!
It is 1200 Tuesday and finally it is warm and sunny and we are on course for St Lucia with just 750 miles to go. Surprisingly we managed 148 yesterday when it felt slow with the speedo showing around 3 to 5 knots. Hopefully the Gods will be kind to us for the next few days.
We are becoming philosophical at times. There is an imminency to the end of the voyage and although we are excited at arriving and seeing again the friends we made in Las Palmas we also feel a regret that the great adventure of a transAtlantic is drawing to a close. Mixed feelings!