Olivia on “le Rêve”

20130307-134700.jpg We finally managed to get together with Olivia, daughter of our friends from England, John and Diana. From the times we had dinner with the family in England, we remember that Olivia is a great Chef. She worked in Verbier in a chalet as a cook, but then got a job on her first super yacht as a chef. She now works together with Katie on board of Le Rêve, where they alternate as chef and stewardess. Olivia was an absolute darling and helped us to get our shopping back to the boat, but only after she showed us around Le Rêve.

Le Rêve is a Lazarra 110. That makes her 33,52 meters long and she is made to spoil the living daylights out of 8 (10 possible) passengers. At youtube.com/watch?v=Qpxd2zml8Kw you can get an excellent idea of the yacht. She is truly a beauty.

20130307-140317.jpg Of course the engine room is something quite special on a ship like this. There are two V16 MTU diesel engines that can deliver 2000 HP each. Obviously you need to carry a fair bit of diesel to keep those engines going. The ship can hold 16 tons of diesel in its tanks. Her maximum speed is 28 knots.

20130307-141125.jpg Olivia and Katie look after the interior and catering. They also assist the captain and the deckhand when the ship is docking. It is all quite spectacular and an excellent training for the catering business that Olivia is considering as a career later on.