Black box died

It’s happening again. Nowhere near as dramatic as the problems with the rigging on the way to the Marquesas, but our this time our comfort is seriously impaired as the black box that regulates the charging of our batteries has died. We now only have power from our solar panels and because of our increasing latitude and possible cloud cover that means that we have had to shut down all electricity consumption except for our AIS. Are we ever grateful for the Hydrovane. Don’t leave home without one.With a bit of luck we will have enough juice to log in on our Mailasail twice a day. First to send our position report and second to receive XetBob’s instructions about our course. We would love to receive mails, will only respond through updates of our blog daily as our computer set up uses way too much power.

The most annoying aspect of all this is, that we will probably only be able to start up our engine once more unless we manage to charge the engine battery from solar. We will only attempt that once we have a better understanding of the situation.

We have plenty food and enough water and Nelly Rose is sailing like a dream. All will be well that ends well.